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family farms


This project is located near the city of Mbuji-Mayi, one of the largest cities in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). 

Many families live a hand-to-mouth existence, literally never knowing where their next meal comes from. From a young age, children are sent out to work in order to support their family. Education is a luxury beyond the reach of most.

The region has favourable conditions for agricultural production, however lack access to resources and funds. This project focuses on increasing the production of family farms that will produce enough food not just to feed the household, but enough to sell for income so their children can rightfully take their place in school.

key outcomes


Increased food production from family farms that will provide families with a constant, reliable food source.


Increased income so that children will have the time and financial resources to be able to attend school.

Decades of internal conflict and war has made the DRC one of the most complex, long-standing humanitarian crises in the world.

More than 4.6 million children are acutely malnourised.

Food insecurity has grown from 6 million in 2017 to 9.9 million in 2018.

3.4 million children lack access to education. Often girls are kept home to help their parents.

Favourable conditions for farming exists, however, lack of resources is the greatest barrier preventing them from making and selling their own food.


how are we doing it?


The first phase of this project will provide financial resources to 15 families, representing 75 beneficiaries.

  • These families will receive a 'family farm starter pack' which will include necessary farming equipment including tools, seeds and fertiliser.

  • This initial injection of essential resources will enable these families to get started on their future.

  • Most of the farmers are females, therefore they will represent the highest proportion of direct recipients in this project.



From here, family farmers will be guided with training from an agricultural advisor.

  • They will receive training on best-farming practices for their environment, how to have a successful harvest, dealing with environmental challenges and maintaining long-term food production.

  • Business skills' training - when to sell crops, how to sell and get a fair price, how to earn a higher return on their investment.


  • Families will consistently produce enough nutritious food to feed themselves.

  • They will sell surplus harvest to increase the family income.

  • As a result of increased income-earning capacity, families will be supported to send their children to school. A sound education is an integral aspect of breaking the hunger cycle. 

your partnership

By partnering with us on this project, a small monthly investment will provide a family with a Farming Starter Pack which includes seeds, fertiliser and farming equipment. They will receive training from a agricultural expert and ongoing support during their farming season to ensure a successful harvest. Your monthly investment represents a long-term solution, giving families the power to create their own constant food supply that will provide nutrition, health and income for them now and into the future.

Sponsor a family: $30 per month

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