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seeds for life

 the problem 

 the problem 

Food security for poor rural communities is impacted by having access to the right seeds at the right time. Many do not have sufficient cash to purchase seeds, cannot access quality seeds, or become burdened by credit programs if harvests fail and they are unable to meet repayments.

 what are we doing? 

Seeds for Life protects farmers' income and food security. It does this by providing farmers with access to a variety of quality seeds at the beginning of the planting season to ensure a successful harvest, and protects harvested crops with appropriate storage to reduce post-harvest losses.

 how we do it? 

 right seeds, right time 

We provide farmers with access to a variety of quality seeds that are suited to their local environment at the beginning of the planting season. This increases crop security and allows farmers to diversify their crops which, in turn, mitigates the very real risk of total crop and income loss.


 best-practice training 

We train local communities regarding which crops will work best for their climate, how to have a successful harvest, and how to plan for successful future crops through seed and harvest conservation.


 seed and crop security 

We protect both seeds and crops. This means  banking seeds that are unused so they are ready for the next season, and providing safe storage of valuable harvest to reduce loss from mould, pests and rodents.


 social enterprise opportunities 

In line with sustainability, we establish social enterprises to facilitate the distribution of locally adapted seeds and storage solutions that are suitable and accessible for farmers. Unlike credit programs, farmers will only pay for seeds if they have a successful crop, to ensure that the project does not burden the people we are seeking to help.


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