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Sustainable solutions for the world’s hungry

our initiatives

Breaking the Hunger Cycle was founded by Dr Donald, who has more than 35 years of experience as an agriculture specialist in developing nations. He has worked on more than 100 projects in over 50 countries. With decades of experience, he has devised key initiatives that are proven to increase access to food and income, thus breaking the cycle of hunger and poverty that so many are trapped in globally.


food for life

Equipping communities to grow their own food in simple and sustainable ways. This increases access to a constant supply of nutritious food, particularly important for vulnerable groups in the community including pregnant women and children.


seeds for life

Providing farmers with access to a variety of quality seeds at the beginning of the planting season to ensure a successful harvest, and protecting harvested crops with appropriate storage to reduce post-harvest losses.


enterprise for life

Farming represents an important income-making opportunity that can give families access to better education, housing and healthcare. We teach communities business skills and connect them to markets so they can consistently earn more.


equipped for life

Training communities in long-term, sustainable and nutritious farming practices that are simple and realistic for their context. This ensures that entire communities are equipped with skills that will benefit future generations.

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