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equipped for life

We provide community training for farmers; men, women and children. We believe empowered individuals are the future! That's why we work towards making communities self-sustaining so they no longer need to depend on outside help.

 what are we doing? 

With more than 35 years of agriculture experience in developing countries, our Director Dr Donald Van Cooten has developed a wealth of expertise that can be used to help communities increase food production in a sustainable way.

We provide appropriate training that can be learned now and passed on to future generations. We provide practical training opportunities for farmers, city people and school children on the importance of good nutritional food for health and well-being.

 how we do it? 

 home & school gardens 

Training on simple farming techniques that can be implemented in small to large scale ventures, while also focusing training on growing key vegetables and fruit that provide essential nutrients for healthy living.


 climate resilient crops 

Crop diversification ensures there is a harvest throughout the year and enables farmers to plant crops suited to predicted rainfall. In particular, we are training farmers to use raised bed cropping systems for rice farming to ensure they are able to harvest sufficient nutritious food across a range of seasons.


 seeds for life 

Training people on how to identify, select and store seeds from plants most suited to the farmer's environment. Farmers are then no longer dependent on purchasing commonly-used hybrid seeds which may not be suited for local conditions.


 multi-purpose trees 

These trees provide a range of benefits to the farmer and their family including fruit, nuts and leaves that can be eaten as vegetables. They can also provide fodder (food) for animals and are a renewable source of fuel for cooking. Additionally, they're able to be harvested across a range of seasons.


 business training 

Providing business training to farmers, communities and schools so they are better able to yield a good return on their crops. We are also moving into including business training in schools where we have established school gardens to encourage students to develop their rural assets into profitable businesses.

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